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Tailor and Seamstress FAQ’s

tailor free pickup and delivery in Ontario

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask us. If you still have a question please call us or email us and we will gladly do our best to assist you.

Question: Do we offer same day repairs?

Answer: It depends on the item and job. Majority of the time we require a few days because we are high volume in this department and we always aim to give back quality work and that requires time.

Question: Do we offer invisible mending?

Answer: We offer "piece weaving" this method is similar to invisible mending but not exact. For example piece weaving is when you have a small hole in a dress pant and the tailors take a small patch from extra fabric on the inner seam allowance and patch the hole very precisely to cover up the hole.

Question: Can we replace the lining of hand bags and keep the same inside pockets and style?

Answer: When our tailors re line hand bags they copy the exact style of the original lining unless told to do differently. We typically use a lining that matches as close as possible fabric and colour wise as the previous lining.

Question: Can we repair leather watch straps?

Answer: We have done a few as well as restore the colour of leather watch straps. Although some watch straps may be too thick for our machines and so we have to determine upon arrival if a watch strap can be repaired or not.

Question: Can we repair broken snaps on jackets?

Answer: We carry a big selection of different sizes and colour snaps. We normally have to replace the snap instead of repair but some can be reinforced.

Question: Are we able to create longer straps for purses?

Answer: We do this regularly, our tailors use the same type of leather or stronger and create custom straps depending on the customers requests.

Question: My leather jacket was burned and now there is a hole can this be fixed?

Answer: Absolutely! In cases such as these our tailors will replace panels and reattach them to the leather jacket making it look like brand new.

Question: My Canada goose jacket has a fur collar and was damaged in the washing machine are we able to save it?

Answer: Unfortunately most Canada goose jackets with fur trim that become damaged are not always salvageable with our grooming alone so the next scenario would be for our tailors to replace the entire trim. We carry a nice selection of coyote furs, fox and more.

Question: Can we shorten leather sleeves and keep the zippers exactly the same?

Answer: When a leather jacket has zippers on the cuffs it is not possible to be kept the same way. Our tailor will measure how much will need to be shortened and what you see left is what is what will be kept on the jacket. Usually buttons can be moved up with the cuff but not a zipper.

Question: I have a motorcycle jacket and would like to add a biker patch to it do you guys do this type of work?

Answer: We are able to add patches so long as the customer provides us with the patch. We also add patches and symbols to uniforms, dress shirts and more.