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Coat Repair Edmonton Alberta & Area

Full Service Jacket & Coat Repair Edmonton Alberta & Area

Our Coat & Jacket Specialties

At Love Your Tailor we understand that your coat is special to you and you’d like to preserve it and wear it for many years to come. Many of our clients’ coats have sentimental value and others
are just simply very expensive.
Love Your Tailor is a full service coat and jacket repair tailor. We have the tools and experience
to repair almost any problem on your favorite coat or jacket.


Complete Jacket & Coat Repair Services

The Following is a list of some of the most performed jacket and coat alteration services at Love Your Tailor:   

  • Coat Lining Replacements & Repairs
  • Coat Panel Replacements & Repairs
  • Coat Colour Restoration**
  • New Coat Pockets / Coat Pocket Repair
  • Jacket Collar Replacements & Repairs
  • Shorten Coat Sleeves
  • Taper Coat Sleeves
  • Shorten Coat Hem
  • Coat Button and Snap Replacement
  • New Coat Button Holes
  • Fix Coat Tears and Seams
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** Colour restoration can work wonderfully on certain fabrics.  We use a colour restoration technology similar to our leather re-staining & re-dying process.  We require time to match and feather the colour for the best possible results.


What Makes Love Your Tailor Stand Out From Other Tailors in Edmonton

Love Your tailor is a full service coat and jacket repair and alterations company located in Edmonton Alberta. Our tailors are usually contacted by small local tailors to complete the jobs that small tailors find too challenging to take on themselves. Our coat and jacket tailors specialize strictly on repairing and altering all types of coats and jackets. They have encountered every possible jacket and coat repair problem and are able to quickly and successfully provide the most effective coat and jacket repair solutions. Choose Love Your Tailor in Edmonton for all your coat and jacket repairs and alterations.

Area Of Service

Edmonton Tailors

Love Your Tailor has a fleet of drivers that pick-up and deliver repaired coats and jackets two times per week across the Greater Edmonton Area. The pick-up and delivery service is absolutely free and makes it much more convenient for our customers. There is no need to come to our coat and jacket repair shop in Edmonton. We will come to you and get all the information we need in order to provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed coat and jacket repairs and alterations.


Pickup and delivery Hours

Tuesdays: 10am to 6pm in South Edmonton, Sherwood Park   
Wednesdays: 10am to 6pm - North Edmonton, St. Albert 

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